Sunday, 19 February 2012

Things I'm looking forward to with this pregnancy

I have an awesome toddler that keeps me super busy. He is one of the reasons I decided to have my lap band surgery. I wanted to live longer for him, do more with him, and be active with him in every possible way. I was so lucky to not only get pregnant with him but also have an 'uneventful' pregnancy. There were however some weight related experiences that I happy I wont have to face again.
1. I can't wait to have a cute 'bump'. I barely took any prego pics last time because I didn't feel like I was a 'beautiful pregnant woman'. This time I'm looking forward to having a beautiful bump to show off.
2. Plus size maternity pants might as well be clown pants. They look awful and never stay up. My maternity wear from last time was a size 22 so I'm going to have to buy some size 12 stuff soon...
3. Just moving in general. My heaviest weight was when I was pregnant and that was 270lbs!!! I can't imagine I could even move carrying that much weight! I don't know what I will gain with this pregnancy but I know it will be much easy to get up from a chair, roll over in bed, out of a car, with so much less weight on my 5.3 frame.
4. not being judged! I hated going for ultrasounds and getting check ups with my midwife when they had to look at my belly and even worse... my lower abdomen... it was very uncomfortable.
5. being a low risk pregnancy because I'm a healthier BMI

I know there are more things but those are what I can think of for now...

Has anyone been pregnant while overweight and then at your goal weight? If so I would love to hear your experience!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes from my new followers! Lap Band Gal has some good friends :) If you ever have any questions along the way, feel free to ask! nothing is off limits!
Thanks for coming on this journey :)

1st ultrasound!

I had my first ultrasound today... I wasn't really sure how far along I was so my Doc sent me for a dating ultrasound. My guess was pretty accurate, 8 weeks, 5 days. The last time I was pregnant I was 55 lbs heavier. I remember hating ultrasounds because they hurt! The sonographer would have to press so hard on my belly so she could see past the think layer of fat. Not this time! She didn't press hard at all and is was a very comfortable experience. I also felt way less self conscious about showing a stranger my belly.
So, 8.5 weeks... that means this jelly bean will be making a debut around Sept 21st. YAY :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hungry ALL the time

One thing I have definitely noticed that is new is that my previous 3 hour before hunger kick in has been reduced to maybe 2hrs... and then I'm STARVING! I usually don't wake up hungry but now I do... and sometimes when I go to bed EARLY (cause in the first trimester I am exhausted!) I'll sometimes wake up needing a midnight snack... which is usually goat yogurt or cereal. This is new for me! I'm totally guilty of the off snack between meals but this hunger and urgency to eat is something else! Ok, tummy is rumbling (for real!) off for my cup of yogurt to get me through the night...

Morning sickness... really? Its anytime of day 'sickness'!

The other day my hubby and I were driving on the highway on our way to a dinner out. I was reading my BlackBerry (which hasn't been a problem in the past!) and suddenly I had to be sick... luckily there was an empty coffee cup beside me and it saved the day... sorry for the detail but a few "wretches" and it was over. my throat was soar after and I didn't have much to throw up as I hadn't eaten in awhile... This was definitely pregnancy nausea as I have NEVER had this happen before... oh Nausea... the joys of pregnancy...
oh and DH got all freaked out by it and we ended up skipping the restaurant... probably for the best... I didn't feel like eating after that...

PB or Slime? first time for me!

I've noticed since becoming pregnant my band seems have a bit more of a 'personality'. It is just a bit more random on how things go down when I eat them. The other day while eating lunch with my toddler (Quinoa and veggies with some raw cauliflower with dip)... I noticed a feeling I hadn't felt before, it was like a "soft" stuck... I think I had been eating too fast and putting too much in my mouth as a was hungry and distracted by my toddler and getting him to eat hit lunch too... then suddenly, the FIRST time since I've been banded... I had to 'be sick'... I was super scared at was this experience was going to be like and I had no idea what to expect. It was kind of non eventful, just these mini spit ups of slim, not violent at all, not painful, it was very odd. And after I felt fine. I did a "note to self, this isn't good, pay more attention check" and moved on... the rest of the day I was pretty much back to normal. So was it a few PB's or a slime? I'm not sure.

I'm pregnant! So now what??

So the first thing I did when I found out I was preggers was called the nurses at the Surgical Weightloss Center where I was banded. "I'm pregnant, so now what??" I had a ton of questions, do I have to get an unfill, can I still use a midwife like I did last time? What happens If I need a c section... and how do I make I eat enough to nourish this growing baby... Here were the answers I received.
1. you can continue to get fills and unfills during pregnancy as you feel you need. In later pregnancy you may find you need an unfill as everything is pushing up and acid reflux can come into play even with non banded women. if you have severe vomiting due to morning sickness you may need to have an unfill to prevent slipping
2. Yes you can still be under the care of a midwife, as long as you and the baby are growing at a healthy pace there is nothing to worry about
3. make sure you take your prenatal vitamins!!
4. A C-section is no problem with the labband, obviously make sure your surgeon is aware of your medical history and lap band
5. other than that, Its business as usual!

I'll keep you posted with all my experiences as I travel along this banded pregnancy :)