Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'm pregnant! So now what??

So the first thing I did when I found out I was preggers was called the nurses at the Surgical Weightloss Center where I was banded. "I'm pregnant, so now what??" I had a ton of questions, do I have to get an unfill, can I still use a midwife like I did last time? What happens If I need a c section... and how do I make I eat enough to nourish this growing baby... Here were the answers I received.
1. you can continue to get fills and unfills during pregnancy as you feel you need. In later pregnancy you may find you need an unfill as everything is pushing up and acid reflux can come into play even with non banded women. if you have severe vomiting due to morning sickness you may need to have an unfill to prevent slipping
2. Yes you can still be under the care of a midwife, as long as you and the baby are growing at a healthy pace there is nothing to worry about
3. make sure you take your prenatal vitamins!!
4. A C-section is no problem with the labband, obviously make sure your surgeon is aware of your medical history and lap band
5. other than that, Its business as usual!

I'll keep you posted with all my experiences as I travel along this banded pregnancy :)



  1. New follower, here. I am working toward getting pregnant also. I am so glad you are doing this blog centered on Pregnancy with the band since there really is so little info out there on this topic.

  2. Thanks for the support AJ! That is exactly why I have decided to do this blog... sending you 'fertile' vibes :)