Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PB or Slime? first time for me!

I've noticed since becoming pregnant my band seems have a bit more of a 'personality'. It is just a bit more random on how things go down when I eat them. The other day while eating lunch with my toddler (Quinoa and veggies with some raw cauliflower with dip)... I noticed a feeling I hadn't felt before, it was like a "soft" stuck... I think I had been eating too fast and putting too much in my mouth as a was hungry and distracted by my toddler and getting him to eat hit lunch too... then suddenly, the FIRST time since I've been banded... I had to 'be sick'... I was super scared at was this experience was going to be like and I had no idea what to expect. It was kind of non eventful, just these mini spit ups of slim, not violent at all, not painful, it was very odd. And after I felt fine. I did a "note to self, this isn't good, pay more attention check" and moved on... the rest of the day I was pretty much back to normal. So was it a few PB's or a slime? I'm not sure.

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