Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hungry ALL the time

One thing I have definitely noticed that is new is that my previous 3 hour before hunger kick in has been reduced to maybe 2hrs... and then I'm STARVING! I usually don't wake up hungry but now I do... and sometimes when I go to bed EARLY (cause in the first trimester I am exhausted!) I'll sometimes wake up needing a midnight snack... which is usually goat yogurt or cereal. This is new for me! I'm totally guilty of the off snack between meals but this hunger and urgency to eat is something else! Ok, tummy is rumbling (for real!) off for my cup of yogurt to get me through the night...


  1. Welcome! Some times we need a snack in-between meals AND at midnight...I'm just saying! Lol New to following you, Lap Band Gal sent me over!

  2. Lap Band Gal sent me, too! How interesting -- am thinking a lot about having kids right now and am curious to read more as your pregnancy progresses. So glad you are blogging about this!

  3. LBG sent me too! I hope you will find the other bandsters that have been pregnant while banded. I know there are a fair few. Good luck with your journey!

    I was banded two years ago and am now at goal. You can visit me at http://amandakiska.blogspot.com