Sunday, 19 February 2012

Things I'm looking forward to with this pregnancy

I have an awesome toddler that keeps me super busy. He is one of the reasons I decided to have my lap band surgery. I wanted to live longer for him, do more with him, and be active with him in every possible way. I was so lucky to not only get pregnant with him but also have an 'uneventful' pregnancy. There were however some weight related experiences that I happy I wont have to face again.
1. I can't wait to have a cute 'bump'. I barely took any prego pics last time because I didn't feel like I was a 'beautiful pregnant woman'. This time I'm looking forward to having a beautiful bump to show off.
2. Plus size maternity pants might as well be clown pants. They look awful and never stay up. My maternity wear from last time was a size 22 so I'm going to have to buy some size 12 stuff soon...
3. Just moving in general. My heaviest weight was when I was pregnant and that was 270lbs!!! I can't imagine I could even move carrying that much weight! I don't know what I will gain with this pregnancy but I know it will be much easy to get up from a chair, roll over in bed, out of a car, with so much less weight on my 5.3 frame.
4. not being judged! I hated going for ultrasounds and getting check ups with my midwife when they had to look at my belly and even worse... my lower abdomen... it was very uncomfortable.
5. being a low risk pregnancy because I'm a healthier BMI

I know there are more things but those are what I can think of for now...

Has anyone been pregnant while overweight and then at your goal weight? If so I would love to hear your experience!


  1. I can definitely relates. In my last pregnancy I got to 130kg (over 270pounds) and it was pure agony. Walking and standing were things I couldn't do as well as sitting and lying down!! I wore the same pants and tunic top because I couldn't find anything in my size that was also maternity. I felt disgusting.

    I am really looking forward to having a 'normal' pregnancy. I can't wait to wear nice dresses. I can't wait to be able to move more while pregnant (I have 2 girls).

    I might not get to goel weight for another 2 years, and I might not fall pregnant for another 2 or even 3 after that, but I cannot wait to have a beautiful little bump rather than just 4 extra rolls that look nothing like a pregnancy!

  2. I just wanted to stop in and say hi--I was also pregnant with a band (my daughter is 6 months old now). If you ever have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for introducing yourself Christina! I may just be asking you some stuff as I go along... :)